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Creating the HTOUS practice model

The nursing practice model is based on a deep interconnectedness and mutual process of the nurse and client. Nurse and client co-evolve and pattern one another in mutual simultaneous process. This is a continuous process of understanding human energy field and environmental energy field patterns that relate to current health events. This implies a need for deep understanding of the other and oneself, emphasizing the importance of nurse self-care.

Symptom distress in serious illness and at the end of life may manifest e.g. as fatigue, dyspnea, pain, anxiety, fear, isolation/loneliness, hopeless/existential despair, loss of meaning, purpose in life. Note that caregiver distress may be greater than patient distress.

Patterning activities by the nurse might include, e.g. listening, anticipatory guidance, music, talk and touch even if patient is unresponsive, empathy, comfort measures such as warm blankets, sips and bites, position changes, massage, healing touch, Reiki, assistance with visualization, meditation, relaxation.

Opportunities for knowing participation in change include specifying advance directives, clarifying goals of care, discussion of what quality of life at the end of life means to the patient.

Manifestations of energyspirit wellbecoming might include, e.g. hope, optimism, freedom from regret, sense of inner peace, relabeling hallucinations as evidence of pandimensionality, interconnectedness, resilience and transcendence.

This theory describes humans and their experience in a way that can guide and explain nursing practice.

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