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About Me

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My Approach

My nursing practice has been about quality of life throughout the lifespan. I know how to avoid regret and I know how to make things better. Both my long career in nursing and my personal life have taught me that it's never too late to make things better than they would have been. What can be made better and how that happens depends on the teamwork between the nurse and the client. A kind of magic happens as the possibilities unfold and the results emerge. If you come into my world, you can have this.

My Experience  

My personal experience includes raising four children as a single mother following the unexpected death of my first husband at age 46. As you may have, I have also experienced the illness and death of my parents and other relatives. Professionally, I started my career with Neonatal Intensive Care nursing and then became a Certified Nurse Midwife, practicing in Boston MA and Providence RI. I was a nurse practitioner in a large long-term care facility in western MA for nearly a decade before I joined the faculty at the University of Connecticut School of Nursing. I also held a joint appointment at the UConn School of Medicine. I have a PhD in Nursing and did a post-doctoral fellowship at Yale's Center for Excellence in Chronic Illness Care. I am a certified as an Advanced Practice Holistic Nurse and a Health and Wellness Nurse Coach.

"My best friend died recently. There was so much confusion while she was in the hospital. Her kids were so upset trying to make the right decisions. I didn't want that for my kids. Amy helped me get my end of life planning written up and communicated to my family and my doctor. I feel better about it now." (Liz V.)

"When my doctor said I was pre-diabetic, I flipped out. I didn't want to be like my dad, taking all those medications and still ending up sick and disabled. Working with Amy allowed me to make the lifestyle changes that were necessary to get my health back. I lost 18 pounds and feel great. I think my doctor was even happier about it than I am." (David E.)

"My mother has had Alzheimer's disease for eight years. Amy helped me make a plan that combined what my mother had said that she wanted with the reality of what we had to face. We were able to take Mom's needs and the family's needs into account. I feel that we made the best of the situation." (Carol D.)

"I had spent so much time and energy caring for my husband during his final illness, that after he died, I was at a total loss of what to do with myself. Amy helped me remember who I was. Together, we figured out a path forward." (Maggie R.)

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